Looking Back in Anger

Vladimir Putin may control Crimea, but his 19th century tactics do not bode well for Russia By Fareed Zakaria The crisis in Crimea reminds us there are two kinds of rulers around the world: those who think about the past and those who think about the future. If it were not abundantly clear before, it … Continue reading

Time to Put Trade Above Politics

Washington needs to realize that a free-trade agreement with Asia is good for us all By Fareed Zakaria We live in a world without war or even significant conflict among the major powers. We also live in an age of economic growth. All of this seems normal, but in fact, it isn’t. The current global … Continue reading

Karzai’s Not-So-Crazy Endgame

The Afghan President’s bizarre behavior has rational roots in a bloody history By Fareed Zakaria Is Hamid Karzai crazy? on the face of it, the Afghan President has said lots of odd, inflammatory and contradictory things. Over the past year, he has criticized the U.S., wondered whether its presence in Afghanistan has done any good … Continue reading

The Case for Snooping

Obama’s liberal critics say his speech on the NSA didn’t go far enough. Why they’re wrong By Fareed Zakaria It’s not always true that if you’re under attack from both sides of the political spectrum, you’re probably doing the right thing. The smart or moral course is sometimes resolutely partisan. But watching President Obama take … Continue reading

Big Fuss Over a Small Deal

Critics of the agreement with the rogue state worry it may be the start of a beautiful friendship. It isn’t By Fareed Zakaria The opposition to the new agreement on Iran’s nuclear program has been predictable but still puzzling. Here’s what would have happened had there been no deal: Iran would have continued to build … Continue reading

No Deal? Don’t Just Blame Tehran

Hurdles to an agreement also come from Paris, Riyadh and Washington By Fareed Zakaria In the end, John Kerry put it best. “It takes time to build confidence between countries that have really been at odds with each other for a long time now,” said the U.S. Secretary of State. A deal between the West … Continue reading

The Saudis Are Upset? Tough!

Why we shouldn’t care that the world’s most irresponsible country is displeased with the U.S. By Fareed Zakaria America’s Middle East policies are failing, we are told, and the best evidence is that Saudi Arabia is furious. Dick Cheney, John McCain and Lindsey Graham have all sounded the alarm about Riyadh’s recent rejection of a … Continue reading

Stagecraft and Stagecraft

A deal with Iran will be difficult— but at least we know what it would contain  By Fareed Zakaria    Watching the diplomatic dance between Iran and the U.S. leading up to the unprecedented phone call from President Obama to President Hassan Rouhani, one had to ask, Are we seeing a replay of 1972? That was … Continue reading

Not the Time for Big Sticks

Obama should hold the bravado and respond reasonably to Iran’s conciliatory signals By Fareed Zakaria    When the Obama administration was selling the case for military action against Syria, it used every argument it could come up with, from preserving international norms to preventing another Holocaust. Most of these were exaggerations or bad history, but … Continue reading

Words Have Consequences

Striking at Assad won’t end the conflict in Syria. But it may drag the U.S. into a complex civil war  By Fareed Zakaria    From the start of the Syrian ­conflict, President Obama has wanted to take two very different approaches to it. On the one hand, he has been disciplined about the definition of American … Continue reading