The New Crisis of Democracy

By Fareed Zakaria In November, the American electorate, deeply unhappy with Washington and its political gridlock, voted to maintain precisely the same distribution of power — returning President Barack Obama for a second term and restoring a Democratic Senate and a Republican House of Representatives. With at least the electoral uncertainty out of the way, … Continue reading

The Future of American Power

How America Can Survive the Rise of the Rest By Fareed Zakaria May/June 2008 On June 22, 1897, about 400 million people around the world — one-fourth of humanity — got the day off. It was the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s ascension to the British throne. The Diamond Jubilee stretched over five days on … Continue reading

The Rise of Illiberal Democracy

By Fareed Zakaria November/December 1997 THE NEXT WAVE The American diplomat Richard Holbrooke pondered a problem on the eve of the September 1996 elections in Bosnia, which were meant to restore civic life to that ravaged country. “Suppose the election was declared free and fair,” he said, and those elected are “racists, fascists, separatists, who … Continue reading