Step Up to the Plate

Rising powers need to act like powers. by Fareed Zakaria You can count on a few things during the U.N.’s annual General Assembly. The traffic will be bad, the speeches will be worthy (if a bit dull)—and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will say something absurd. This year the Iranian leader suggested that U.S. officials orchestrated the 9/11 … Continue reading

A Lonely Success

Don’t forget: the bailouts worked. by Fareed Zakaria People working inside Lehman Brothers’ New York headquarters on Sept. 16, 2008, two days after the firm collapsed. September is the month for anniversaries from hell. Last week we remembered 9/11, and this week it’s time to recall the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Most of the discussion … Continue reading

We’re Safer Than We Think

But no one wants to admit it. by Fareed Zakaria Are we safer now than we were on 9/11? It sounds like a simple question, amenable to an answer or at least a serious conversation. But we are so polarized in America these days that it almost seems more difficult now than it was in … Continue reading

What America Has Lost

It’s clear we overreacted to 9/11 by Fareed Zakaria Nine years after 9/11, can anyone doubt that Al Qaeda is simply not that deadly a threat? Since that gruesome day in 2001, once governments everywhere began serious countermeasures, Osama bin Laden’s terror network has been unable to launch a single major attack on high-value targets … Continue reading

Be More Like Ike

Republicans should heed Robert Gates. by Fareed Zakaria Robert Gates’s latest efforts at reforming the Pentagon are modest. He is not trying to cut the actual defense budget; he merely wants to increase efficiency while reducing bureaucracy, waste, and duplication. The savings he is trying to achieve are perfectly reasonable: $100 billion over five years, … Continue reading

Build the Ground Zero Mosque

I believe we should promote Muslim moderates right here in America. And why I’m returning an award to the ADL. by Fareed Zakaria Ever since 9/11, liberals and conservatives have agreed that the lasting solution to the problem of Islamic terror is to prevail in the battle of ideas and to discredit radical Islam, the … Continue reading

Raise My Taxes, Mr. President!

We can’t afford the Bush cuts anymore. by Fareed Zakaria For the last few months, we have heard powerful, passionate arguments about the need to cut America’s massive budget deficit. Republican senators have claimed that we are in danger of permanently crippling the economy. Conservative economists and pundits warn of a Greece-like crisis, when America … Continue reading

‘It’s Like a Moon Shot’

Ford’s CEO on the challenge of reinventing the automobile. by Fareed Zakaria By the time he worked his way up from fledgling engineer to CEO of the Boeing Commercial Airplanes unit, Alan Mulally had revolutionized the design of commercial aircraft. As Ford Motor Co.’s CEO, he’s now out to do the same for the automobile. He … Continue reading

The Real Failed-State Risk

It isn’t the one you keep hearing about. by Fareed Zakaria “What happened in Kampala is just the beginning!” So warned Abu Zubayr, the leader of Al-Shabab, which claimed responsibility for the bombings in the Ugandan capital that killed more than 70 people who had gathered to watch the World Cup soccer final. In the … Continue reading

The Center Holds

In Britain, even pain is popular. by Fareed Zakaria We’ve all seen the pictures of Britain’s chancellor of the Exchequer holding a tattered briefcase as he proceeds to Parliament to present the budget. The rest of the world has watched the event with some bemusement. It’s a typically British spectacle, complete with funny titles (why … Continue reading