Natural Gas, Fueling an Economic Revolution

By Fareed Zakaria No one could have predicted that oil prices would rise to todays levels. Saudi Arabias oil minister, Ali al-Naimi, says that they are irrationally high, pointing out that world demand is lower than the available supply and that Saudi oil inventories around the world are largely untapped. The “irrational” cause, of course, … Continue reading

How Will We Fuel the Future?

By Fareed Zakaria At the influential TED conference last year, Bill Gates declared that if he were allowed one wish to improve humanity’s lot over the next 50 years, he would choose an “energy miracle”: a new technology that produced energy at half the price of coal with no carbon dioxide emissions. He explained that … Continue reading

‘These Problems Can Be Solved’

The cofounder of Intellectual Ventures on the future of energy.  By Fareed Zakaria The word “polymath” was invented for a man like Nathan Myhrvold, who earned a Ph.D. in theoretical physics by age 23, studied with Stephen Hawking, made millions as Microsoft’s chief technology officer, and has lectured on topics as diverse as barbecuing and … Continue reading

‘This Is Brand New’

The CEO of Bloom Energy on a new way of powering the planet. By Fareed Zakaria K. R. Sridhar spent years building technologies for NASA that could sustain life on Mars. Now, as CEO of Bloom Energy, he’s trying to perfect a device that could improve life on Earth. His company builds fuel cells—small power … Continue reading

Steven Chu: ‘Swing for the Fences’

America’s green czar is counting on big breakthroughs.  By Fareed Zachary On the campaign trail—before the global economic crisis—Barack Obama said the top three things he wanted to accomplish as president were withdrawing troops from Iraq, reforming health care, and putting in place a new energy policy. A health-care bill has passed, and U.S. combat troops … Continue reading