Will Israel miss its moment?

By Fareed Zakaria Thursday, May 7, 2015 Israel’s new coalition government, formed with the slimmest possible majority in its parliament, likely means that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will act even more cautiously than he has in the past. This is a tragedy, because Israel faces an extraordinary strategic opportunity. At first glance, it might seem … Continue reading

Why democracy took root in Tunisia and not Egypt

By Fareed Zakaria More than 20 years ago, the scholar Samuel Huntington established his “two-turnover test” for fledgling democracies. A country can be said to be a consolidated democracy, he argued, only when there have been two peaceful transitions of power. This week, with its second parliamentary election, Tunisia passed Huntington’s test. Tunisia’s relative success … Continue reading

Why they still hate us, 13 years later

By Fareed Zakaria/The Washington Post Watching the gruesome execution videos, I felt some of the same emotions I did after 9/11. Barbarism is designed to provoke anger, and it succeeded. But in September 2001, it also made me ask, “Why do they hate us?” I tried to answer that question in an essay for Newsweek … Continue reading

After the Coup

Egypt must reach out to the Islamists it is now jailing By Fareed Zakaria The greatest blow to Islamic terrorism in recent years came not from the killing of Osama bin Laden in his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, but rather from the Arab Spring. When millions of Arabs went out into the streets in protest … Continue reading

Egypt’s lost opportunity

By Fareed Zakaria Over the past three decades, when American officials would (gently) press Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak to stop jailing his opponents and initiate more democratic reforms, he would invariably snap back: “Do you want the Muslim Brotherhood in power?” Wednesday’s events suggest that Egyptians continue to face this choice, between military dictatorship and an … Continue reading

A Region at War with Its History

Democracy struggles to survive in the Middle East for old and economic reasons By Fareed Zakaria One year after it captured the world’s imagination, the Arab Spring is looking less appealing by the week. The promise of a new birth of freedom in the Middle East has been followed by a much messier reality, particularly … Continue reading

Egypt’s Real Parallel to Iran’s Revolution

By Fareed Zakaria A specter is haunting the West. In 1979, the United States watched a street revolution in the Middle East and saw its stalwart ally, Iranian Shah Reza Pahlavi, ousted, only to be replaced by a theocratic Islamic Republic. Now, watching another street revolution in another Middle Eastern country, many people seem spooked … Continue reading