Build That Pipeline!

Reducing our dependence on oil will do far more to slow climate change than blocking the Keystone project By Fareed Zakaria One way to think about the ­Keystone project—the  2,000-mile (3,220 km) pipeline that would bring oil from the tar sands of Canada to the Gulf of Mexico—is to ask what would happen if it … Continue reading

Upward Mobility

Obama’s plan to expand pre-K education is a step in a long catch-up game By Fareed Zakaria America has long been seen—by its citizens and the world—as the place where anyone can make it. And yet studies from the past two decades all point to a different reality. Economic mobility in the U.S. is low … Continue reading

Will He Fight or Compromise?

Obama has a chance to use the will of the majority to break the deadlock By Fareed Zakaria One of the great political ­debates in Washington—and around the country—has been about whether Barack Obama is a highly partisan Democrat bent on a liberal agenda or a centrist searching for compromise. It’s still early in his … Continue reading

What’s in a Name?

Is al-Qaeda on offense, or are thugs in Africa just trading on terrorism’s best-known brand?  By Fareed Zakaria   The recent terrorist attack at a natural gas plant in Algeria—which, together with the counter­strike by Algiers, left 38 hostages and 29 militants dead—has aroused fears that we are watching the resurrection of al-Qaeda, no longer just … Continue reading

The Year We Reckon With Iran

By Fareed Zakaria Opponents of Chuck Hagel’s nomination to be the U.S.’s next Secretary of Defense claim he is outside the mainstream in his views on Israel. Hagel’s actual policy positions don’t reflect that. On many issues, he sounds a lot like Israeli President Shimon Peres, who lamented in an interview published Jan. 9 by … Continue reading

On Foreign Policy, Why Barack Is Like Ike

By Fareed Zakaria One of the least controversial judgments about barack Obama’s first term is that he has been a good foreign policy President. Certainly that’s what the American public believes. It has given him high marks on overseas affairs for much of his presidency, especially after the successful operation to kill Osama bin Laden. … Continue reading

The Baby Boom and Financial Doom

To rightsize spending, entitlement programs must be reformed By Fareed Zakaria The American left has trained its sights on a new enemy: Pete Peterson. The banker and private-equity billionaire is, at first glance, an obvious target—rich and Republican. He stands accused of being the evil genius behind all the forces urging Washington to do something … Continue reading

Where the Past Is Not Prologue

Turmoil is a constant in the Middle East, but the region is strengthening By Fareed Zakaria Yasser Arafat’s body has been exhumed for investigation, bringing back memories of the unpredictable Palestinian leader and the Middle East in which he operated. That news broke just as a conventional wisdom began to take hold that the Middle … Continue reading

The China Syndrome

Why the Asian giant could be Obama’s second-term foreign policy headache By Fareed Zakaria The second terms of U.S. presidents tend to be difficult for any number of reasons, but they are often disrupted by a foreign policy crisis. It’s easy to see how that might happen over the next four years with Iran or … Continue reading

How to Rebuild Trust – And Infrastructure

By Fareed Zakaria Over the course of this campaign, commentators on both sides of the political divide seemed to agree on one point: this was a campaign about nothing. Barack Obama’s supporters wanted him to lay out a detailed and ambitious agenda for his second term. Mitt Romney’s fans wanted to hear more about the … Continue reading